Karmakamet believes that to live a good life we must be mindful, conscious, and able to see the beauty of the life within. All these reflect in our ways of living, that is to say – the way we eat, live, and our view towards the world. We design the spices of life by using scent as a tool. We believe that the sense of smell is closely linked with memory. Through scent, we can connect to the past and our feelings. It can bring us back to the old days, remind us who we used to be, and where we came from. For that, we can get to know ourselves, love others, spend more time with ourselves, and be able to bring peace to the world.

With these in mind, Karmakamet has created various kinds of scents in a wide variety of styles for people to connect with the secret world inside their hearts and able to find the missing pieces of their lives. With our determination, we are now ready to set out a new journey.

Karmakamet originated from the migration of the Chinese in 1930 to the south of the Golden Peninsula. Along with the journey, the first generation of the family had brought with them the knowledge in Chinese medicine and traditional incense making method.
From then on, the family had sold Chinese medicine and incense for living and became Karmakamet in 1971. In 2001, the first Karmakamet store was opened and has been expanded since. Then, in 2013, Karmakamet Diner and Everyday Karmakamet were launched consecutively.

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